The LifeChanger Experience: Making the Most of the One Life You Have

The concept of "The LifeChanger Experience" emphasizes the importance of taking full advantage of the one life we have. It encourages us to actively shape our lives, pursuing personal fulfillment and success on our terms.

Understanding that we only live once is the first step in the LifeChanger philosophy.

It's about recognizing that real change comes from within. You have the control to reshape your life, which means being proactive, making bold decisions, and steering your life in the direction you truly want it to go. Every choice and action should be aimed at moving closer to your personal goals and ideals.

When Doreen Rainey first began her journey in personal development and coaching, she quickly realized the field was cluttered with fleeting trends and superficial advice that failed to produce lasting results.

This groundbreaking book distills decades of frontline coaching experience into practical, actionable strategies that anyone can apply to achieve profound and lasting change.

This book represents a radical departure from traditional self-help literature. It does not offer quick fixes or one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, it approaches personal development as a comprehensive, holistic process.

Doreen’s techniques are tailored to help individuals understand their unique paths to success, define their personal and professional goals in alignment with their deepest values, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles that have held them back.


The LifeChanger Experience is about crafting a life that feels true to who you are and who you aspire to be.

Are You Ready for Change?

Change isn't just something that happens to you; it's something you initiate and drive forward.

It requires guts, determination, and the willingness to take the reins of your life firmly in your hands.

Every decision, every action, and every moment of reflection contributes to this journey.

It’s about making intentional choices that align with your goals, values, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

The LifeChanger Experience encourages you to see life as a series of opportunities to be seized and enjoyed.

Life isn’t merely about survival or moving mechanically from one day to the next. It's about filling your days with experiences that bring joy, foster peace, and push you towards your envisioned success.

Whether it's pursuing passions that light a fire in your soul, forming deep connections with others, or achieving goals that once seemed unattainable, the essence of life lies in the richness of its experiences.

What Will You Discover Inside The LifeChanger Experience?


  • Defining Success on Your Terms: Learn how to articulate what true success looks and feels like for you, moving beyond societal expectations to craft a deeply personal definition.
  • Goal Setting Redefined: Explore innovative strategies to set and prioritize goals that resonate with your deepest values, and learn techniques to maintain momentum and focus, even when challenges arise.
  • Breaking Barriers: Identify the internal and external obstacles that are holding you back and master techniques to overcome them effectively.
  • Actionable Wisdom: Each chapter includes practical exercises, real-life case studies, and reflective questions that encourage immediate application of the book’s teachings.
  • Sustainable Change: Discover strategies to ensure that the changes you make are lasting and continue to bring you satisfaction and success year after year.

Get Ready to Step Into Your Next Level of Success

Part 1: Set Authentic Goals

Set goals that matter  inspirational advice or reminder - handwriting in a notebook, smart goals setting concept

Forget traditional goal setting.

We're going deeper.

Uncover and set goals that resonate with your soul, stretching beyond what you thought possible. Before the ink dries on your goal list, we'll enhance and expand these objectives, transforming them from mere dreams to launchpads for major achievements and true fulfillment.

Part 2: Breakthrough Barriers

Break your mental barriers, text words typography written on book against wooden background, life and business motivational inspirational concept

Tear down the walls that block you from your next level of success.

Tackle the barriers—big and small—that have halted your progress.

Through dynamic exercises and mind-shifting strategies, you’ll cultivate resilience and push beyond personal limits.

Get ready to make monumental moves, regardless of obstacles.

Part 3: Create Your Plan

plan action big

Turn aspirations into action.

We’ll break down your goals into tangible, actionable steps that will govern your daily decisions and actions.

Learn to maintain your drive and sidestep procrastination. It’s time to act boldly, take charge with accountability, and celebrate every victory along your path to success.


doreen black and white

Coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, Doreen is a dynamic force in the world of personal development and coaching. In 2008, she founded the RADICAL Success Institute, a transformative coaching company dedicated to helping individuals define success on their own terms and find the courage to pursue it.

In 2020, she founded the Society of Life Coaches where she supports coaching in building their business.

Doreen's had the privilege of coaching thousands of individuals, guiding them toward RADICAL Success in both their personal and professional lives. Through her programs and training, people have harnessed coaching concepts to enact profound transformations in their careers, businesses, finances, and relationships.

During her tenure as the former Senior VP at Steve Harvey Global, Doreen played an integral role in building the Act Like A Success platform. She collaborated directly with Steve Harvey, hosting conferences, leading his Success Institute, and sharing invaluable success insights on his radio and talk shows, reaching millions of eager minds.

Doreen's expertise and impact have been showcased on renowned platforms such as Essence Magazine, USA Today Weekend, The Steve Harvey Show, ABC News, and more.

Her journey is a testament to the remarkable transformations that are possible when one dares to define their own path to success and has the courage to walk it.

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